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Our service helps you buy bitcoins online by credit card. To buy bitcoins securely and easily through our website, first create an account with the form below & prove your identity by uploading a photo ID and entering your phone number. Next enter your credit card information and submit an order. Within a couple of hours, one of our customer service representatives will approve your order and you'll be notified to collect your bitcoins. We are an American company and an established Bitcoin merchant services provider. We pride ourselves on great customer support, and we guarantee customer privacy and bitcoin security to our users at all times. Thanks for choosing!

Before signing up, please take a minute to read our Terms of Service.

Accepted Credit Cards

We are currently accepting payments only from VISA prepaid credit cards. To buy bitcoins, please visit your nearest 7-Eleven or other convenience store, purchase and load money onto a prepaid VISA credit card. Then return to this website, create an account and enter the details of your prepaid card. The entire balance of your prepaid card will be debited and converted to Bitcoin. For US customers, we recommend GreenDot prepaid cards which can be purchased with cash at most 7-Eleven, CVS and Walgreens stores across the country. Convenience stores charge an initial fee of around $3.00 to load money onto GreenDot cards. After purchasing your GreenDot card, you may need to register it online, which can take several minutes. Entropay prepaid cards are also an accepted form of payment. Be sure that the prepaid card is a VISA before you purchase or load money on the prepaid card; MasterCard and other credit cards cannot be used.

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